How to Flip Domain Names Like Gurus

Domain flipping can be defined as a process of registering or buying domain names at a low price and sell it high after appreciation. Domains are of various types and there are many ways you can make domain to appreciate in values. You need to market them in other to make them known in the world of Domain flippers; the more your domain is known, the better chances of getting traffic. To make your domain known, it requires you to make series of sensible contributions and have your domain appears within or at the bottom of your contributions as signature on many blogs, forums and your original articles written by you. To make good money from domain flipping, your domain must have many qualities; such as having relevant high traffic; should be short and very meaningful or related to any hot niche i.e. if car is your hot niche; you can have your premium domains as, or Though, you can have good long tail domain names but mostly they are good for affiliate business. Short domains are better for flipping because they are memorable and can be easily typed on browser windows and they also ranks well. There are also keyword related domains; you can find many good keyword domains by using keyword tools like Google keyword Tool, or and many of them like that. When you are making your keyword domains, it is better to make them short or just in two words, you can also make them in long-tail, should be memorable and must also be relevant as well; if you have such domains, many people will like to buy them. The next thing you need to do is to make it known to the world of Domain flippers or better still to the end users who can buy them for good price. After that you need to register as a member with several Domain dealers, such as , and where I have bulk of my domains. Some forums are also into domain flipping such as, and more. However, after you have registered your domain you need to develop them, while waiting for a buyer to come, it is better to park them in other to start making some money from your domains. Domain Registrars usually provides parking space to enable you park your domains and also for them to make money as well. Incase you don’t wish to park with your Domain Registrar, you can park with, they have 2.0 parking system; they will give you parking space and free contents and you can add adverts on your parking space for free and enjoy all the income without any hindrance. You can also add contents on your site or blogs if you wish to do so when you are free or ready. Better still you can buy a hosting space and setup your domain as a full fledge site for proper development. There are many Domain dealers where you can flip your domains, but their services are better than each other on flipping; like having a preset agreement and set your “buy now” price ready for them to enable them sell your domains on your behalf without you lifting a finger or negotiate price before selling and they will also transfer your domain to the buyer. has as Partner for domain flipping through their “Sedo MLS Premium” system. already has many Partners to sell domains through their “DLS Premium” and “DLS Network”, their Partners are,,,,, When you are registering domains, it is advisable to register with any of the one mentioned in order to sell your domain easily. On both of them you can collect your money through Escrow account, Bank wire transfer or account. To this end, I wish to advice you to click on any of the links to register for free account with any of your choice of Registrar and start flipping domains like Gurus on either,,,,, or the biggest of them all Have you anything to contribute on this article or having your personal views? Please click on “leave a comment” tag below and kindly do so before going. Thanks.

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